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Scarborough: Kushner Has Been “Failing Upward” His Entire Life

Scarborough: Kushner Has Been “Failing Upward” His Entire Life

Donald Trump is a huge fan of his son-in-law. Despite Jared Kushner’s complete lack of political experience, Trump has tasked him with everything from criminal justice reform to making peace in the Middle East.

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To hear Kushner talk, you would think he’s lived a life of incredible accomplishment. This was evident on Thursday when he said that NBA players had the “luxury” of protesting racial injustice. During this Friday show, Joe Scarborough slammed Kushner as a coward who has failed his way to the top.

The MSNBC host began, “Jared Kushner talks about having the luxury to take days off. Every time things went bad in the White House, he would fly to Aspen or some other luxury resort so he wasn’t in D.C. when things hit the fan. He was cowardly at the beginning of the administration, cowardly still.”

Scarborough then got personal:

“He’s a guy whose dad paid money, that’s why he got into Harvard, people believe, he continues to fail upward,” the former congressman continued. “He flies off to luxury resorts all over the world, he hangs out with Saudi Arabia’s leader for long weekends, lives in the lap of luxury, and he’s criticizing NBA players for, quote, taking a night off, having the luxury to take a night off. There are no mirrors in the White House, there are no mirrors in the Kushner household, there are no mirrors in Donald Trump’s household.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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