Scarborough Blasts Rand Paul: “What Does He Get Out of Being a Liar?”

Yesterday, Senate Republicans held a hearing on election fraud. During that hearing, they made many of the same dubious fraud claims that the Trump campaign has been making. This led to some explosive back and forths with Senate Democrats.

Rand Paul says rural areas could have mail two days a week
Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

The two GOP lawmakers who did the most conspiracy theorizing were Ron Johnson (WI) and Rand Paul (KY). During his Thursday broadcast, Joe Scarborough lit into Paul, wondering that he gets out of being a liar.

The Morning Joe host began, “What I want to know is, because we have had Rand on the show, what does he get out of being a liar? What does he get about lying to the American people? About things that he knows he’s lying to the American [people] — he’s been lying to his constituents and the American people about COVID from the beginning.”

Scarborough continued, “He’s been shooting out conspiracy theories. He’s used his position as a senator to lie repeatedly this year. He’s used his position as a senator to lie about a stolen election. He’s lying about courts, the federal courts have been quite clear, even the Wall Street Journal opinion page admits it. National Review has written numerous editorials about it.”

The host then moved onto Johnson, saying, “This is Ron Johnson — they had the opportunity to introduce documents to prove not widespread voter fraud, just fraud, any fraud. Do you know what they chose to do? Nothing. They said, you know what, we agree with Biden’s statement here. We’ll stipulate to the facts.”


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