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Scarborough Bashes Hawley For Cross-Examining FBI Director

Scarborough Bashes Hawley For Cross-Examining FBI Director

Josh Hawley is anything but subtle. During his turn to ask questions of FBI Director Christopher Wray at a Senate hearing yesterday, the fist-raising, riot-inciting Missouri Republican tried and tried and tried again to find out what exactly Wray’s investigators were doing with the cellphone records and metadata that it scooped up in and around the U.S. Capitol on the day of the Jan. 6 insurrectionist riot.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner had this take on Hawley’s questioning: “Sen. Hawley (Insurrection Party) is cross-examining Wray the way a defense attorney crosses an agent when he is trying to figure out how much incriminating information the police have about his client.”

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was of the same mindset Wednesday morning.

“Josh Hawley doesn’t want the FBI to use all the tools in the toolbox to figure out who the Trump terrorists were, to draw lines between the Trump terrorists and what Josh Hawley the seditionist said, to draw a line between the people beating cops with American flags and what Josh Hawley said. The people racing through the Capitol screaming ‘hang Mike Pence’ and tracing those people down to figure out they too were inspired by Josh Hawley’s seditionist acts.

“We got it on camera, we got all of his speeches, we got his speeches before the insurrection,” Scarborough said. “We got the fist, that little fist of his going up in the air with the bone structure of a little bird going up in the air, so we got that, and we got him actually voting to disallow millions of votes later, and then we have him on the floor continuing to give aid and comfort to traitors and sedition seditionists with a speech even after the Capitol was vandalized and attacked, even after the terrorist attack, even after the sedition.”

You can watch the morning host go full-Scarborough on Hawley here, courtesy of MSNBC.

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