Savannah, GA Mayor on Gov. Brian Kemp: He Doesn’t Give a Damn About Us

Brian Kemp has been a controversial Governor in the state of Georgia since his first day. That controversy certainly hasn’t stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic. His state has seen a surge in cases following his decision to reopen business without following CDC guidelines.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The governor is facing renewed criticism now for refusing to mandate face masks like 36 other states have done. This decision drew the ire of Savannah Mayor Van Johnson, who tweeted that the Governor doesn’t give a damn about the state’s residents.

Johnson posted on Thursday, “It is officially official. Governor Kemp does not give a damn about us. Every man and woman for himself/herself. Ignore the science and survive the best you can. In Savannah, we will continue to keep the faith and follow the science. Masks will continue to be available!”

The Savannah Mayor later appeared on CNN to further discuss the issue. He told Jake Tapper:

“I was furious, I was absolutely at a loss for words. Here we are fighting to get in front of the coronavirus. We’re doing the best we can, day in and day out. Not only are we fighting coronavirus on one hand, it appears as if we’re fighting our state on the other hand. It made absolutely no sense to me. That at a time where our corporate giants are mandating masks, where the state of Alabama is mandating masks. The state of Florida, about 120 miles south of us is the hotspot of the nation, that our governor would not only do an emergency order, but specifically stop cities across the state of Georgia from doing what we can to protect our folks. It didn’t make sense to me.”

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