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Sarah Sanders to Rip John Bolton In Upcoming Book

Sarah Sanders to Rip John Bolton In Upcoming Book

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a memorable turn as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary. Not only was she the person who held the position longest, but she was also often curt and short with reporters.

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The former Press Secretary was also fiercely loyal to Donald Trump. And the loyalty will be on display in an upcoming book about her White House experience. According to an excerpt published by Axios, Huckabee Sanders will blast former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Axios received an advance copy of the book and is concentrating on a segment where Sanders writes about Bolton’s refusal to travel with the White House team.

The former Press Secretary related a story where the administration was in London:

”We loaded onto a small black bus. Bolton felt too important to travel with the rest of us. We waited and watched as Bolton sped by and left us in the dust. The discussion on the bus quickly moved … to how arrogant and selfish Bolton could be, not just in this moment but on a regular basis.”

Bolton is denying Sanders’ claims. His adviser, Sarah Tinsley, told Axios, ”All logistical arrangements for travel of this sort were handled by the Secret Service, without any input from Ambassador Bolton. It is impossible to believe that his assigned Secret Service agents acted other than in a completely professional manner, fully coordinated with the Secret Service details assigned to Messrs. Mnuchin and Mulvaney.”


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