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Sarah Palin Teases Senate Bid ‘if God Wants Me to Do It’

Sarah Palin Teases Senate Bid ‘if God Wants Me to Do It’

Former Alaska governor and failed 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin told New Apostolic Reformation leader Ché Ahn that she would consider running for the United States Senate “if God wants me to do it” during an appearance at a leadership conference sponsored by Harvest International Ministry and Mario Bramnick’s Latino Coalition for Israel.

Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post

“America was dedicated to God. Way back when – our terms of liberty are written about and to God. And for those today who are running the show and denying that and want to change that, they’re stripping away our foundation,” Palin incorrectly proclaimed on the stage.

“When will America say, ‘no, we know what our foundation is. How dare we strip from our Creator – what our Founders had dedicated to Him – how dare we try to take that back and change it, for mankind, for some kind of secular use, secular enjoyment,'” she said.

“Will you tell us today if you’re gonna run and if not, give us a reason why?” Ahn asked the ex-reality television personality.

“Okay, I need more prayer. But anyway, if God wants me to do it, I will,” Palin replied, adding that “it will be a matter of, practically speaking if I go with the state – and the nation – but the state, representing Alaska, really really wants me to or needs me to, and what I would do if I were to announce I think, you guys better be there for me this time, because a lot of people were not there for me last time, and that’s why characterization wise, I got clobbered.”

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