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Sarah Palin is Complaining About Dominion Voting Machines Being Used in Alaska

Sarah Palin is Complaining About Dominion Voting Machines Being Used in Alaska

After Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, the people around him and the Conservative media were apoplectic. First, they claimed there was massive fraud and filed a number of court cases. They lost all of them.

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After the court cases failed, Conservatives began to blame the voting machines that tabulated the results. They did this without any proof. As a result, Smartmatic and Dominion filed huge lawsuits against media companies and the conspiracy theorists who were pushing the claims.

One may think the lawsuits would make people shy away from spreading claims about voting machines. Sarah Palin was back at it again this week, however, complaining about Dominion machines being used in Alaska.

During a conversation with Mark Levin, Palin whined about the Alaska race, “And Mark, you’ll just really appreciate this. It’s mail-in only ballots. No hand counting to tabulate, got to go through a Dominion computer to count everything. And I — like, yesterday, Mark, I received four ballots in the mail. I didn’t even ask for any ballots. One for one of the daughters who doesn’t live here. She hasn’t claimed residency in Alaska since she moved outside — we call anything outside of Alaska outside.”

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Levin said of the process, “Yeah, and when you vote that early, something could happen in a week or two or three and it’s too late, you already voted. You can’t take your ballot back. These systems are really built for fraud and abuse, and so forth and so on.”

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