Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuated After Bomb Threat on 6th Anniversary of Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary School received a bomb threat on the six-year anniversary of the mass shooting. Newtown police reported that the school has been evacuated after the bomb threat was received at 9 a.m.

Boston’s CBS News reported that the police have determined that the threat was not credible. The students have, however, been dismissed for the day.

Six-years-ago today a gunman killed 26 students and staff members in one of America’s most violent mass shootings in history.

Newtown Action Alliance, a non-profit formed in the wake of the 2012 shooting, urged America to “stand with our community as we attempt to survive another tragic anniversary,” in a Facebook post on its group page today.

There has been no word on if the authorities have any leads as to who called in the threat.

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