Sanders Won’t Support Gas Taxes & Electric Vehicle Fees to Fund Infrastructure Deal

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont drew a line in the sand when it comes to paying for a potential infrastructure compromise bill, as Democratic progressives continue to hesitate over joining the bipartisan deal on one of President Joe Biden’s biggest legislative priorities. Twenty-one senators, including eleven Republicans, have coalesced around a broad framework that invests in hard infrastructure spending like roads, bridges, and other projects, but not in the broader proposals that Democrats are seeking, such as climate change actions and new investments in areas like child care.

Congress has gone back and forth on infrastructure negotiations for months. President Biden has called for a $4 trillion plan, while Republicans have been pitching their own proposals at less than a quarter of the cost. While the bipartisan group continues to iron out legislation, Democrats are readying an attempt to pass their own plan without any Republican votes in case the negotiations fail.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

Some progressives have balked at working with Republicans on a bill that doesn’t include priorities like climate change mitigation.

Senator Sanders appeared on “Meet the Press” on Sunday to discuss the infrastructure compromise bill. Watch the segment, below.

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