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Sanders Spokesperson Accuses MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill of Racial Dog Whistling

Sanders Spokesperson Accuses MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill of Racial Dog Whistling

Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, served two terms in the Senate between 2007 and 2019. Despite the Democrats wave election, McCaskill was defeated in her 2018 reelection campaign falling to Reopublican, Josh Hawley.

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The former Senator now works for MSNBC, giving her perspective on a number of issues concerning liberal politics. During debate coverage last night, McCaskill claimed that giving out “free stuff” won’t play in the Mid-West. The pundit received quick condemnation for her comments, especially from Bernie Sander’s spokeswoman, Briahna Joy Gray who accused her of racial dog whistling.

McCaskill was asked by host Brian Williams, “What happens when you walk into those communities and say ‘Great news, you’re all going to get green jobs, we’ll need the keys to your F-150s because we’re going all-electric.”

The former Missouri senator responded, “America is generally not as far along the left line as Bernie and Elizabeth. Free stuff from the government does not play well in the Midwest, because they are just convinced that they are never the ones getting the free stuff.”

The comments were almost immediately slammed by Gray. She responded on Twitter, “Free stuff doesn’t play in the Midwest’ sounds an awful lot like the racial dog whistles about ‘hard working whites’ vs ‘handouts’ for POCs and I really hope that’s not what’s happening here.”

McCaskill’s statement was also ripped for both its terminology as well as its hypocrisy. Midwestern states, especially farms, receive billions of dollars in subsidies from the government. This includes President Trump’s recent $16 billion bailout of soybean farmers.

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