Sanders Declines To Call On Warren To Drop Out, Is ‘Disgusted’ By Online Vitriol Against Her

A number of pundits and politicians have called on Sen. Elizabeth Warren to drop out of the race to become the next presidential nominee for the Democratic Party to take on President Donald Trump in the fall.

Some of the criticism has been practical, but others online have been engaging in all-out harassment toward supporters of the candidate, arguing that it’s time for her to end her campaign so that Sen. Bernie Sanders has a better chance of winning.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Warren herself is taking Wednesday off from her campaign to reassess her next moves.

But one person who’s not calling for her to drop out? Sanders himself.

As the two progressive candidates left in the race, it’d be understandable for Sanders, who has amassed more delegates so far, to call for her to exit, particularly because the only moderate/centrist remaining in the race is former Vice President Joe Biden.

But according to reporting from Mediate, Sanders rejected that idea.

“Elizabeth Warren is a very, very excellent senator. She has run a strong campaign. She will make her own decision in her own time,” Sanders said.

He also rejected some of the hostile language that was observed online, demonstrating anger between supporters of the two camps.

“In terms of vitriol online, I’m disgusted by it,” Sanders said. “I think the Twitter world is an opportunity for people to debate issues…but not to make vitriolic attacks because you disagree with them.”

Sanders, speaking at the same news conference, discussed his Super Tuesday performance, recognizing that he and his campaign had “not done as well in bringing young people into the process.” He also responded in the affirmative when asked if he still felt the candidate with a plurality of delegates should be named the party’s nominee when all the primaries and caucuses had been completed.

Sanders had made the call for that to be the case during a candidates’ debate last month, being the only person on stage to say so. At the time, the Vermont senator had been in the lead with regards to the delegate count — following Super Tuesday, however, Biden now has the most delegates.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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