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“Same Bull**** Line Every Time” Seth Meyers Slams Gun Violence Response From Right-Wing Media, Politicians

“Same Bull**** Line Every Time” Seth Meyers Slams Gun Violence Response From Right-Wing Media, Politicians

After two mass shootings in the past week and a half, Democrats are pushing for reforms that would address weapon access and require universal background checks. Naturally, Republican politicians and right-wing commentators are highly offended, and very vocal in letting the world know it.

[Screenshot via Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube]

Host Seth Meyers responded to this on Late Night, blasting the right for “repeat[ing] the same bullsh*t line every time we go through this awful ritual.” He pointed out that the right always claims gun safety advocates are “rushing to politicize” every act of violence. (Meanwhile, Lauren Boebert used the Colorado shooting to fundraise.)

“A majority of Americans want gun safety reforms, including universal background checks, mandatory gun licenses, and a ban on semiautomatic weapons,” Meyers said, “It’s the politicians and their patrons in the gun lobby that are holding those up.”

He said the lie that has become “canon” for the right in America is that “standing up to any sensible gun safety legislation means standing up for the Second Amendment.”

The majority of Americans support certain gun regulation. NPR reported on a Pew Research poll that in 2019 found that 60% of Americans think there should be tougher gun laws, including 30% of Republicans. When it comes to red flag laws, 77% of Americans said they supported these when initiated by family members, and 70% when initiated by police.

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However, Meyers points out, “a much smaller faction of callous sociopaths who lose their minds at even the suggestion that we should maybe make it just a little harder to buy a gun in this country.”

With clips and images of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr., Lauren Boebert, Sean Hannity, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Seth Meyers left no doubt who he was including in this description.

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