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Sam Nunberg: Mueller “will probably selectively, maliciously & arbitrarily indict Roger Stone”

Sam Nunberg: Mueller “will probably selectively, maliciously & arbitrarily indict Roger Stone”

Back in February and March of this year, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, made headlines after he was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to appear before a grand jury. Nunberg proceeded to go on a national news network tour claiming that he would not show up and testify like ordered, but the next day he quickly changed his mind and did in fact honor the subpoena.

Robert Mueller – Source: Wikimedia Commons

We literally watched Nunberg do a complete 180, and go from being very critical of the Special Counsel’s investigation one day, before completely changing his opinion and telling Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein that “there were some questionable activities that went on during the election” and that the Special Counsel’s “investigation was warranted.”

Suddenly it seemed as though Nunberg, who claimed to had been a protégé and friend of Trump adviser Roger Stone, believed that Robert Mueller’s investigation was in fact justified.

Today, Hill Reporter reached out to Sam Nunberg once again, for his response to yesterday’s indictments of 12 Russians and how it may be related to his protégé Roger Stone.  His answer was very surprising.

“Roger is a critical piece in Mueller’s ultimate goal of impeaching the President,” Nunberg told us. “Therefore, the Special Counsel will probably selectively, maliciously and arbitrarily indict Roger. He will be a victim of Mueller’s Witchhunt Vendetta.”

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So once again Nunberg appears to have changed his mind when it comes to Mueller’s investigation.  He has gone from telling us that he believes the investigation “was warranted”, back in March, to now calling it a “witchhunt vendetta”.

Nunberg refused to answer any follow-up questions.

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