Salads Tossed: Controversial Former GOP Candidate Has Been Thrown Off Twitter

Former GOP candidate and pro-Trump prankster, Joey Salads, has had his Twitter account suspended. The controversial Republican once ran for office and was caught on camera wearing a Swastika armband. When he was told by critics to shut up and drink urine, Salads did just that on video.  Earlier on Tuesday Twitter suspended the Trump supporter’s account.

Many took to Twitter to celebrate the suspension of the prankster from the social media giant. Joey Salads is known for pulling pranks on Donald Trump detractors. One video shows him trying to frame a Trump protester. Joey ran for a Republican seat in 2019 but ended his bid on December 13, 2019. Instead, he threw his support behind GOP candidate Joseph Caldarera.

To kick off his run for Congress, Joey salads drank his own urine. According to a tweet sent out by Joey, himself, he actually did it.  When Andrew Lawrence asked him about it, Salads try to deny it but, Lawrence produced a screenshot of the tweet. Many had fun on Twitter at the suspense of Joey Salads.

Many had fun on Twitter at the suspense of Joey Salads.

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