Said to be ‘Arranging Flowers On The Titanic’: Melania’ Blasted For Planned Rose Garden Upgrade

Many are coming out to blast fist lady, Melania Trump, for her planned to upgrade the White House Rose Garden as the Coronavirus continues to infect and kill Americans at an alarming rate. Melania’s plan was reported by The New York Times which said Melania “will announce a plan on Monday to renovate the White House Rose Garden” and the upgrades will also feature “electrical upgrades for television appearances, a new walkway, and new flowers and shrubs.”

Melania will express that the act of renovating the garden is an “act of expressing hope and optimism for the future.” Twitter lit up with criticism of Melania’s plan with many calling her tone-deaf during a time of crisis for the nation. Many point out that over 140,000 people have died from the virus here in America and cases of infection continue to rise.  Many blame President Trump’s less than enthusiastic response to the virus and his constant pressure for states to reopen. Many states like Texas have expressed regret for reopening too soon at the behest of Trump.

Trump has also been pressuring schools and universities to reopen during the pandemic which has been met with a lot of resistance. We will see if Melania’s plan pulls through.

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