Sad Sack Trump Skipped His Own White House Christmas Party Last Night

For much of the day on Friday, Donald Trump sent out a helpful tone. The president sent multiple tweets about the “courage” it would take for the Supreme Court to overturn the will of the voters. But at around 6:00 on Friday, the Court announced┬áthat they wouldn’t be taking up the ridiculous Trump-backed Texas lawsuit.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Friday night, the White House was holding a Christmas party. As usual, the event didn’t follow CDC guidelines as hundreds were in attendance. But those hundreds didn’t get the chance to see Trump. After the announcement from the Supreme Court, the president wasn’t seen for the rest of the night.

The New York Times Maggie Haberman tweeted last night, “At the White House Christmas Party, guests were informed about 10 minutes ago that the president won’t be joining them to make remarks.”

Josh Dawsey from the Washington Post also weighed in, tweeting, “POTUS has spoken some nights at holiday parties and not other nights. Has often struck an upbeat tone and talked about legal challenges, Texas case, potentially coming back in four years…”

Trump will be making an appearance in public on Saturday. As is tradition for sitting presidents, he will be attending the Army/Navy football game.



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