‘Russian’ Soldiers Now Guarding Trump’s Destroyed Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Last week President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star was destroyed by a 24-year-old man with an ax, named Austin Clay. Clay turned himself in soon after the vandalism, which happened to be the second time that Trump’s star was actually damaged for political reasons.

As the remnants of the star sit and wait to be repaired, two “Russian” soldiers have made their way to Hollywood in order to stand guard and protect what’s left. Standing side by side at attention, the two soldiers held a Russian flag in between themselves and wore traditional Russian military gear, meant for sub-freezing temperatures. The temperature in Hollywood right now is anything but freezing, with the mercury rising north of 85 degrees all week long.

The two men, pictured below, obviously are not real Russian soldiers sent here by Putin to protect his comrade’s fame, but likely two individuals who thought that such satire would be the perfect medicine for the division this country is currently experiencing. The two ‘soldiers’ can be seen below:

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