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Russian Oligarch-linked Prostitute, Nastya Rybka, Suddenly Refuses to Cooperate with U.S.

Russian Oligarch-linked Prostitute, Nastya Rybka, Suddenly Refuses to Cooperate with U.S.

Back in March, a Belarusian woman named Anastasia Vashukevich, who went by the name Nastya Rybka, made international headlines after being arrested in Thailand for organizing a prostitution training seminar within the country.  Upon her arrest, she claimed that she had access to over 16 hours of video and audio recordings that could shed light on “Russia’s role in U.S. elections.” 

Rybka is a prostitute who worked for many of Russia’s elite.  She had very close relations with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who has become a key suspect in the Trump/Russia investigation.  Deripaska also has close ties to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who at one point, had borrowed $10 million from Deripaska.

Russian lawyer and political activist, Alexey Navalny, originally reported on Rybka’s close ties to Oleg Deripaska back in February, in a report he released on Youtube.  After investigating Rybka’s Instagram page, he was able to identify a meeting which took place between Deripaska and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko, back in August of 2016.

Russia quickly moved to try and force Youtube to remove the investigative report, but was unable to do so on an international level.

After her arrest in Thailand, Rybka sought asylum in America via social media, with a promise of providing details of what took place in this mysterious meeting between Deripaska and Prikhodko.  She claimed to have 16 hours of recordings that would help explain Russia’s plans and actions to meddle in U.S. elections.

“If America gives me protection, I will tell everything I know,” Ms. Vashukevich said. “If we go back to Russia we will die in Russian’s prison or they will kill us. This is very serious, we will show everything to public as usual! Please USA help us not to die from Russians! ”

During Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Paul Manafort had offered to give Deripaska private briefings on the campaign.  During this time it is believed that Manafort was in major debt to the Russian oligarch, who had strong ties to the Kremlin.

U.S. authorities have blown off the idea of potentially providing asylum to Rybka in exchange for her testimony and audio recordings, but the FBI did try and speak with Rybka in Thailand.  The government of Thailand, however, refused to allow U.S. authorities to meet with her.

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To make matters even more interesting, just last month Deripaska won a lawsuit in Russia against Rybka for sharing personal videos of him via social media.  He was seeking 2 million rubles but was awarded only 500,000 rubles (approximately $8,000).

Now, in a strange turn of events, while still in custody in Thailand, Nastya Rybka has suddenly changed her mind about cooperating with U.S. authorities.

“Everything I have in terms of recordings, I’ll give to Oleg (Deripaska) and only Oleg,” Rybka’s representatives quoted Rybka to Vice News TV.

Rybka claimed that she would provide Deripaska these assets in exchange for “a date and a bouquet of flowers.”


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