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Russian Oligarch Jailed for Criticizing Putin Predicts Regime Will End Soon

Russian Oligarch Jailed for Criticizing Putin Predicts Regime Will End Soon

Joe Biden noted that Vladimir Putin should be removed from power during a weekend speech. Some were quick to criticize the President for the message. Others applauded him for saying out loud what many were thinking.

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a Russian oligarch who was jailed for criticizing Putin. Now living in London, the businessman spoke to the New Republican about the situation in Russia. Many Russians agree with Biden, Khodorkovsky explained, and the regime will end soon.

“I think that Biden was right in his last speech about Putin, and I was very upset that the White House bureaucrats said it was a mistake,” the oligarch said. “Putin is an enemy of the U.S. as well. If he stays in power, there is no peace. You can try to be an ostrich, with your head in the sand. It is not the task of the U.S. government to remove Putin, but … until Putin leaves, we will never have a normal life. That is the opinion of a large part of Russian society.”

Khodorkovsky continued, “I don’t expect that their impact will be to destabilize Putin. But Putin’s regime is going to end very soon. It will inevitably end with a lost war. It could be a lost war now with Ukraine or, tomorrow, a lost war with NATO — because he is not going to stop. As soon as he loses the war in Ukraine or the next war, his days are numbered, and at that point, [world powers] will be interested in having Russia remain whole, not fall apart, because Russia falling apart wouldn’t be a pleasant thing for anyone.”

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