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Russian Media Suggests Kremlin Give Trump Asylum to Avoid Prosecution

Russian Media Suggests Kremlin Give Trump Asylum to Avoid Prosecution

Everyone knows Donald Trump has a special relationship with Vladimir Putin. As early as the summer of 2016, Trump was openly praising Putin over Obama on both Russian and American television. While the media initially treated it all as a “nothing burger”, because that’s what Trump’s sycophants told them it was.

But once Trump was officially installed into the White House, it came much more clear that Trump wasn’t just courting favor with the Russian oligarch, he was deferring to him when it came to making policy decisions. The American public still hasn’t learned what was privately discussed between the two during the G6 Summit in Helsinki in 2017, as the translator’s notes were never subpoenaed. And whenever he was asked, Trump always defended Putin over any American, even when it was a member of our intelligence community speaking out against Putin.


But now that Trump has lost the election to Joe Biden and will be leaving the White House whether he likes it or not, his post-White House life has come under intense scrutiny. Will he pardon himself, his kids, more of his staffers? Where will he go? What will he do? It’s even been suggested he’ll just go to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas and just never come back. Even though Putin has seemingly been distancing himself from his Useless Idiot, Trump’s ties to Russia remain undeniable, as he’s continued to send envoys like Rand Paul and Ron Johnson to Moscow in his stead.

When Americans are forced to learn about private phone conversations between Putin and Trump not from our media, but from Russian sources, it raises more questions than answers as to whom Trump is actually loyal. But perhaps we can finally put that issue to rest, as some Russian state media programs have toyed with the idea of  Trump being given asylum by Moscow — so that it wouldn’t be possible for U.S. officials to prosecute him.

On the Russian talk show “60 Minutes”, a panel discussed the likelihood of Trump being charged with offenses from tax evasion to fraud and sexual assault. They understood that Trump’s presidential pardon would not help him in state cases, unlike the recently advanced constitutional amendment in Russia that secured lifetime immunity from criminal prosecution for the country’s former presidents.

Some Russian politicians have even openly given Trump suggestions for how to abuse his office and scorch the Earth before he leaves office: recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, leave NATO, withdraw U.S. troops from every place they’re stationed worldwide, arrest disloyal U.S. state governors, refuse to recognize the outcome of the elections, force all states to conduct mandatory recounts, and induce Attorney General Bill Barr to pursue any actions that would benefit Trump.

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If Trump was given asylum in Moscow, it would indeed keep him from prosecution in America, but it would also be a glaring admission of guilt on his part. And there was no mention of extending the asylum to his three main adult children, his wife, or his childrens’ spouses.



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