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Russia Using Fox News’ Sean Hannity To Defend The Kremlin In Aftermath Of Mueller Report

Russia Using Fox News’ Sean Hannity To Defend The Kremlin In Aftermath Of Mueller Report

Russian media are broadcasting clips of Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s program in order to spread a pro-Kremlin message in the aftermath of the Mueller report’s release.

According to reporting from The Daily Beast, Rossiya 1, a government-owned news station in Russia, is using episodes of Hannity’s rantings, in which he vociferously defends President Donald Trump against attacks from some who view his actions within the Mueller report as improper, as evidence that there’s an anti-Russian conspiracy being disseminated within the U.S.

Daily Beast’s Julia Davis tweeted out an image of Rossiya 1 airing Hannity’s commentaries “attacking the #MuellerReport in perfect synchrony with the Kremlin.”

Rossiya 1 is describing the Mueller report as a “bestseller about the absence of collusion between Trump and Russia.”

Hannity responded to criticism of his show being used as Russian propaganda by blasting the “media mob” for covering these recent revelations, in a multi-tweet rant on Sunday evening. He promised to address those criticisms later in the week on his program.

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“Maybe these lazy, overpaid, leftwing media propagandists can examine their false, politically-driven coverage the last 2+ years &examine the permanent damage they’ve done to the country & themselves by enabling an attempt to unseat a duly elected President of the people,” Hannity wrote as part of a 13-tweet rant against the reporting, according to Mediaite.

Although the Mueller report, which was released last Thursday, found no evidence of coordination between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia, there were many instances in which the two seemed to desire making such a connection, per the report’s findings.

The investigation also uncovered “multiple links between Trump campaign officials tied to the Russian government,” adding that those “links included Russian offers of assistance…[and] in some instances, the campaign was receptive to the offer[s]” although never actually following through on them.

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