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Russia Publicly Supports US Troop Pullout from Afghanistan

Russia Publicly Supports US Troop Pullout from Afghanistan

Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria and Afghanistan has been very unpopular, even within his own cabinet. There was no bigger sign of this than the resignation of Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

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The moves, however, have been met with celebration from countries who want to see the US destabalized. Russia was seen as one of the big winners of the decision to pull out of Syria and they are also thrilled about the Afghanistan news.

Maria Zhakarova is the Director of the Press Department for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, the MFA tweeted out, “Russia has repeatedly warned the US and its partners in the international coalition in Afghanistan about the fallacy of relying on a military solution to the Afghan problem and the need to involve political and diplomatic channels to launch an inclusive peace process.”

Zhakarova continued, “We have also noted a statement by the US leadership about the upcoming withdrawal of up to 50% of the US forces from Afghanistan. We consider this a step in the right direction, capable of bringing the start of the peace process closer.”

Russia is happy to have any region close to their country free of US intervention. The Kremlin does not have the same reluctance to work with the Taliban that the Americans do.

Trump has yet to make any kind of announcement of the Afghanistan decision. NBC News, however, says that Trump is internally working on plans to remove the troops.

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While there are compelling arguments to be made for an Afghan pullout, Trump seems to be making the moves on a whim without speaking to his cabinet.

Mattis made note of Trump’s indecision in his resignation letter, as he felt it makes America an unreliable partner. The US’s partners in Afghanistan are also in the dark about any potential decisions.


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