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Russia Now Main Suspect In Mysterious US Diplomat Attacks in Cuba and China

Russia Now Main Suspect In Mysterious US Diplomat Attacks in Cuba and China

Over the last two years there have been multiple mysterious attacks, both in Cuba and in China, targeting US diplomats and employees. In fact, the attacks in Cuba, which injured 26 US government workers at their hotels and homes, have had a major negative impact on our diplomatic relations with that island nation.

The attacks were first believed to be related to a new weapon which utilized sound waves, but US officials now believe that the weapon likely utilized electromagnetic technology along with perhaps other technologies to mess with the human brain. Victims of these attacks experienced everything from imbalance to hearing and vision problems. This year there was a similar report by a US employee in China.

Up until this point, the US government has been almost silent when discussing possible suspects, but now NBC News reports that the main suspect is in Russia, according to three U.S. officials and two others briefed on the investigation.

The suspicion appears to be backed up by communication intercepts that the CIA and FBI have been able to obtain, and although the evidence is not yet conclusive enough to officially name Russia as the suspect in all of this, US intelligence agencies are working to further corroborate their suspicions.

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If their suspicions turn out to be accurate, such an attack would certainly not go unnoticed by the US government, especially after Russia has clearly attacked our democratic election process in 2016 and continues to do so today.

With the Trump administration apparently going easy on Russia as of late, one has to wonder if the Kremlin will only continue to ramp up their attacks, or if at some point they decide that they may have taken things too far.

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