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Russia Hoped to Create Violent African American Revolution in US, According to Document

Russia Hoped to Create Violent African American Revolution in US, According to Document

Since the end of the 2016 election, American Intelligence has been investigation Russian attempts to meddle in American affairs. Most agencies have come to the conclusion that Russia made multiple attempts to interfere with the Democratic process.

SOCHI, RUSSIA – MAY,17 (RUSSIA OUT) Russian President Vladimir Putin speeches during his meeting with a group of Russian young scientists at Balck Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, May,17, 2019. Putin is having a series of military meeting on the development of defense industry this week.( Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

A new Russian report obtained by NBC News, however, shows that the adversary was looking into other ways to rile the US. In one section of the report, there was a plan to create violent tensions and a potential revolution in the American South.

Under the plan, Russians would attempt to recruit African Americans. The recruits would be taken to train for combat in different areas of Africa.

Following the training, “Those recruits would then be sent back to America to foment violence and work to establish a pan-African state in the Southern U.S., including South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.” The hope of the plan was to, “undermine the country’s territorial integrity and military and economic potential.”

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The idea was titled as, ““Development Strategy of a Pan-African State on U.S. Territory” The write-up noted that the Russians should look for, “poor, formerly incarcerated African-Americans who have experience in organized crime groups.”

There is no way to tell how serious the Russians were about this potential plan. Experts say these types of ideas still need to be taken seriously. Former FBI Agent, Frank Figliuzzi told NBC News, ‘“The unfortunate reality is that we’re seeing an adversary that will consider virtually anything to get what it wants, and if it means violence or splitting America along racial lines or eroding our trust in institutions, they’ll do it.”

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