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Russia Appears to Begin Propaganda Campaign in Favor of Tulsi Gabbard

Russia Appears to Begin Propaganda Campaign in Favor of Tulsi Gabbard

We all know how the 2016 U.S. Presidential election unfolded, as well as the campaigning that took place in the years prior.  Russia played a key role in trying to sway the opinion of the American people.

Whether it was in support of President Trump or Jill Stein, or in opposition to Hillary Clinton, Russia undoubtedly had a hand in the American democratic process.

Now, according to NBC News, Russia appears to be at it yet again — this time for a Democrat.  Experts who have been tracking Russian media — particularly those websites which are available in English — as well as their social media use, have discovered a strong push for Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard, a U.S. Representative from Hawaii, has taken a lot of heat from Democrats for some of her views.  Whether it is the talk that Gabbard once touted working for an anti-gay group in support of conversion therapy, or the attacks on her for being impulsive and indecisive, Democrats haven’t really jumped on her bandwagon.

Russia, however, has. Experts tracking various Russian news outlets such as Sputnik News, RT, and Russia Insider, have noted at least 20 pro-Gabbard stories since she announced her candidacy on January 11. There have been twice as many stories on Gabbard than any other Democratic candidate, and while most of the stories concerning Gabbard have been positive, those of the other candidates have been mostly negative.

So why would Russia throw so much apparent support behind a Democrat who could ultimately run against President Trump in 2020?  There could be several reasons.

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“Her promulgation of positions compatible with Russian geo strategic interests can help them mainstream such discussion in the [Democratic] party,” said NBC News’ Alex Stamos,

Stamos, who also is a former chief security officer at Facebook, said that Gabbard helps Russia with their “lines of attack”.

Another reason for Russia’s support of Gabbard, could be to help divide the Democratic party by throwing support behind a candidate who certainly is not the favorite.

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