Rush Limbaugh: Trump is Exactly Right About Children’s COVID Immunity. Adds in Kamala Harris Conspiracy Theory.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends that children are nearly immune from COVID-19. This is clearly untrue as a number of children have contracted the illness. On Thursday, the state of Georgia announced that a 7 year old became the youngest victim of the deadly disease.

Trump surrogates, however, have continued to push the president’s message that children aren’t affected by COVID-19. Rush Limbaugh not only said that the president was right, he also claimed that potential Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has something to do with it.

The controversial radio host told his listeners, “The Trump campaign is exactly right when they said that kids are almost immune. And yet Facebook and Twitter pull it down as unsuitable. The Trump campaign post was unsuitable, it was not true, it was unethical, it was dishonest and they couldn’t — and yet Zuckerberg said last week we at Facebook don’t want to be the arbiters of truth.”

Limbaugh continued:

“The Twitter employee, are you ready, the Twitter employee who announced why the Trump campaign account was suspended is the former press secretary for Kamala Harris. Yes, my friends. Exactly right. This is so far beyond bias. This isn’t just bias. This is, I don’t know. I am having problems conjuring up the words that I want to use today.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:


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