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Rush Limbaugh: “They just broke Trump! Trump’s finished”

Rush Limbaugh: “They just broke Trump! Trump’s finished”

Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh claimed that President Donald Trump notified him personally that he will shut down the government if Congress doesn’t relinquish the funds he needs for his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I just got a phone call — well, I got an instant message, it’s the equivalent of you getting a phone call, because that’s how people communicate with me,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday.

He claims the “direct message” read:

You tell Rush that if there’s no money in this, it’s getting vetoed. If there’s no money for a wall I’m vetoing this plain and simple.

Moments later, Limbaugh claimed the president had “gotten word to me that he is either getting funding for the border or he’s shutting the whole thing down.”

The news came shortly after Limbaugh criticized the president for caving to a continuing resolution that would avoid a government shutdown and denied funding for the structure.

“Trump gets nothing and the Democrats get everything, including control of the House in a few short weeks,” Limbaugh said Wednesday. “They just broke Trump! Trump’s finished. They’re dancing on the grave already. They’re celebrating,” he continued.

Limbaugh spent much of the last 48 hours urging the president to shut down the government over funding for the wall.

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“Veto this thing and then head down to Mar-a-Lago,” Limbaugh said. “I will meet you on the first tee wherever you want to play golf, whenever, and this will end up being resolved in your favor.”

The president appears to have changed course, opting not to sign a stopgap funding bill approved by the Senate, increasing the risk of a partial government shutdown.

“The president informed us he will not sign the bill that came from the Senate last evening because of his legitimate concerns for border security,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters. “So what we’re going to do is go back to the House and work with our members.”

Ryan has been part of a small group of Republican senators who have pleaded with the tempestuous president to agree to the stopgap funding measure that would keep the government open until February 8. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) said the president described the Senate bill as “just kicking the can down the road.”

“We want to solve this problem, we want to keep the government open,” he said.

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