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Rush Limbaugh Says To Turn Off All Media Except Him, Because It’s All Lies

Rush Limbaugh Says To Turn Off All Media Except Him, Because It’s All Lies

In the last hours before Election Day, there are a lot of warnings going around regarding disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies about the candidates. One source that may have been unexpected for these concerns is Rush Limbaugh.

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In a tweet Monday, Rush Limbaugh called for voters to turn off all other media except the EIB network. EIB is the shortened form of ‘Excellence in Broadcasting’ — a name Limbaugh attached to his show decades ago.


So, Rush is calling for people to shut out all media except his own, because they’ll be subject to lies and disinformation.

In August, Limbaugh complained about Joe Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, saying that it was too well-done, and therefore may not have actually been given live, but secretly pre-recorded and pieced together, the NY Daily News reported.

Even before that, in May, the Washington Examiner reported on Limbaugh’s insistence that Biden wouldn’t actually be on the ballot by November, because “something’s gonna happen,” and that Biden couldn’t manage a debate with Donald Trump. Contrary to that, Biden held his own against the incumbent president in two debates, and the one debate that was skipped was one Trump canceled, rather than Biden skipping out. With the election hours away, Biden is on the ticket, campaigning in person, and getting votes.

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Politifact also has a gathering of assertions by Limbaugh, including declaring COVID-19 to be “the common cold,” falsely claiming that Republicans weren’t allowed to question witnesses during impeachment, and falsely claiming that Barack Obama stopped the U.S. Census Bureau from asking about citizenship.

So, which misinformation is Limbaugh really concerned about?

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