Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Representation In Ukraine Case Still In Turmoil

Pierce Bainbridge, the law firm Rudy Giuliani hired to represent him when he was implicated in Donald Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine in elections issues, is having additional troubles. Already reportedly in debt and accused of corruption, the firm’s split may cause them to lose status in another major case.

Rudy Giuliani representation struggling
[Photo by Saul Martinez/Getty Images]

When Donald Trump was accused of withholding funds to force Ukraine to interfere in U.S. elections by announcing an investigation into Trump’s likely 2020 presidential opponent, Joe Biden, Rudy Giuliani, serving as Trump’s personal lawyer, found himself potentially implicated. As HillReporter reported last week, Giuliani was said to have shopped around at many legal firms, finding none that would represent him, until he tried Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP — now just Pierce Bainbridge, as those other named partners have all left the firm.

However, it soon surfaced that Giuliani’s representation had troubles of their own. It was rumored that the law firm could be shutting down after partners, associates, and staff left or were fired, but The American Lawyer reported in April that founder and partner John Pierce had denied this vehemently. Still, as previously reported, the firm was reported to be deep in debt, and accused of corrupt dealings.

Another former partner of the firm describes Pierce Bainbridge as having “the reverse Midas touch,” tweeting a list of entities that are alleged to be owed money from the firm, are suing the firm, or have otherwise been connected — including an attorney for Donald Trump, one Mark Mukasey, who reportedly found ethical concerns in representing the firm.

According to Law360, the firm, already in debt, could be facing more difficulty, thanks to the split. Since partners who left the firm have formed their own law firms, the many firms representing plaintiffs in the Boeing and Southwest case include multiple firms — Pierce Bainbridge, Hecht Partners, and Bathaee Dunne — that were previously a single entity, and there’s infighting over who should be seen as lead counsel.

Bathaee Dunne has submitted a filing asking to “to ensure that litigation efforts — and expenses — on behalf of the putative classes are carefully coordinated and streamlined.”

What’s more, Hecht Partners lists itself as the “successor to Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP” for this case, though Pierce Bainbridge has not been officially dissolved.

The law firm that was desperate enough for clients to take on Rudy Giuliani when the New York Times said no one else would represent him could now be losing status in another major case.

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