Rudy Giuliani’s Excuses For Hotel Room Genital Grab Video Don’t Fly

After being caught on video in a hotel room encounter with a young woman, Rudy Giuliani tweeted a string of excuses, insisting he wasn’t doing anything inappropriate. They’re not going over very well.

Rudy Giuliani hotel video
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Sacha Baron Cohen is releasing his new movie, and Rudy Giuliani got caught in the filming. His segment reportedly involves him answering questions from an apparently adoring young reporter, then being invited back to her room. The young adult actress is playing a 15-year-old character, but it’s not clear whether Giuliani was given any indication that she was underage during their interaction.

Some of the still images that have been released publicly are rather damning. Giuliani is lying on a bed with his hand in his pants, at one point.

Rudy responded to the scandal, insisting that he was only tucking in his shirt, necessary after removing recording equipment. Without actually claiming deceptive editing, he quoted a New York Post piece saying that the footage looked as though it had been edited in a misleading way. He also insists this is just an attempt to distract from the information he’s released that allegedly came from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The problem is, nobody seems to be buying it. The public response is essentially, ‘No, Rudy, that’s not how you remove a microphone or tuck in a shirt.’

The movie is due for release on October 23rd, after which the viewing public will be able to make their own determinations about exactly what Giuliani was doing in a room with a girl who was supposed to be underaged, and whether he’s culpable for anything.

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