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Rudy Giuliani: The Idea of Police Brutality is Left-Wing Propaganda

Rudy Giuliani: The Idea of Police Brutality is Left-Wing Propaganda

Throughout his Presidency, but especially in the last few weeks, Donald Trump has insisted that he is a “law and order” President. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s friend and sometimes lawyer, was once the “law and order” style Mayor of New York City.

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While Giuliani was a popular Mayor overall, he was very unpopular with Black New Yorkers due in part to his views on policing. The now lawyer has continued to turn a blind eye to police brutality complaints. During a weekend appearance on Fox News, he claimed that these types of incidents are very rare.

Giuliani made the comments while speaking with host Bill Hemmer. “Reforms are certainly needed, but I also think that to make it appear as if police brutality is systemic is really propaganda — Police brutality is an issue but it’s not the major issue that they are trying to make it.”

The former New York City Mayor continued, “The protests, insofar as they raise the issue of the injustice to Mr. Floyd, are absolutely correct. But as they raise the issue of some kind of massive police brutality, if you look at the statistics, only 10 percent of the shootings of unarmed people involve blacks, 20 percent involve whites.”

Giuliani ended his rant by claiming that the idea of police brutality is a Democratic conspiracy theory. He told Hemmer, “What we have going on is a left-wing narrative that is very, very false and very dangerous because we’ve had about 300 police officers injured at least in my own city.”

Watch a video of the comments below, courtesy of Fox News:


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