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Rudy Giuliani Takes On Rumors That Trump Banned Him From TV

Rudy Giuliani Takes On Rumors That Trump Banned Him From TV

Ever since Rudy Giuliani made a series of gaffes and embarrassing comments on behalf of President Donald Trump earlier this year, he’s been noticeably absent from additional television appearances.

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Rumors abound that Giuliani’s disappearance had come about due to Trump’s own decision not to let his own personal lawyer speak publicly. That line of thinking makes sense — Giuliani frequently made mistakes on live TV that made Trump look bad, especially in light of the Russia investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

In his most recent appearance, Giuliani, speaking on both NBC’s “Meet the Press” and CNN’s “State of the Union,” stated that negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow lasted well into the presidential campaign, through at least November 2016, a timeline that extends long after what the Trump administration and campaign had previously claimed.

Eleven days after the gaffe, Trump himself sought to correct his lawyer’s mistake. “Rudy has been wrong a little bit,” Trump said, per reporting from Newsweek. “But what has happened is this: I didn’t care. That deal was not important. It was essentially a letter of intent or an option.”

Trump added that he didn’t even think a location for his tower was discussed. However, that contradicted what additional reporting from BuzzFeed News uncovered around that same time. Not only had hundreds of documents about the proposed tower been shared between the Trump Organization and Moscow, but possible sites for the project were also mapped out by Trump’s company.

Since that time, Giuliani has been mum about anything related to Trump’s defense of the ongoing Mueller investigation. When Axios reached out to Giuliani about his silence, Trump’s lawyer denied it had anything to do with his previous gaffes.

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Instead, Giuliani suggested a decision for him to stay quiet came about because they figured the investigation was close to being finished.

“About a month to a month and a half ago we decided, because we thought the Mueller report was imminent in the next four or five days, that it would be better not to comment until the report was filed or made public,” Giuliani said. “Obviously, those days have now expanded way beyond four or five days.”

When asked if his “silent treatment” to the media had paid off, Giuliani suggested it had.

“[W]e’ve had, over a period of time, after we were very tough, we’ve had some, what we regard as, very fair decisions, and some that aren’t as fair,” he said. “So we see that there’s the capacity to go either way.”

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