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Rudy Giuliani Roasted for Claiming to Be a Victim of Joe Biden’s ‘Secret Police’

Rudy Giuliani Roasted for Claiming to Be a Victim of Joe Biden’s ‘Secret Police’

Twitter users lambasted former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday after Giuliani claimed that President-Elect Joe Biden has a secret police force hellbent on ruining his life.

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“Sounds like the DOJ anti-Trumpers can’t wait for Biden to make DOJ the GOVERNMENT Secret Police like they were under Obama. They want to seize my emails. No reason No wrongdoing,” Guiliani tweeted. “Attorney-Client privilege?”

Giuliani, who has dedicated his golden years to defending President Donald Trump’s criminal behavior – providing sagely legal advice which resulted in Trump getting impeached – is currently in the crosshairs of federal investigators in the Southern District of New York, who are seeking his electronic communications.

Biden, of course, does not have a pre-inauguration Gestapo gunning to take down America’s once-favorite mayor, and more importantly, Trump is still the president.

Twitter unloaded on Giuliani for making such a suggestion and reminded him that his own actions are what have imperiled his future.

Team Trump’s election challenges – spearheaded by Giuliani and a cadre of incompetent lawyers – have been shut down by the courts dozens of times.

Someone is spooked.

Users also mocked Giuliani for melting during a live press conference three weeks before testing positive for the coronavirus.

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Giuliani’s assertion of attorney-client privilege is irrelevant too because it does not apply when either or both parties are committing crimes.

And while the possibility exists that Trump could simply pardon Giuliani, that has yet to happen, perhaps due to Giuliani’s growing resistance to Trump’s exploration of declaring martial law to overturn the 2020 election.

Further, if Giuliani were to accept a pardon, he would have to admit guilt, which prosecutors could use as ammunition for charging him with crimes at the state level.

The internet reminded him of that too.

As Trump and his cartoonishly inept defenders scramble to avoid prison in his dwindling days, you gotta wonder whether he harbors any regrets about the company he has chosen to keep.


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