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Rudy Giuliani Promised A Live Statement — After Raid, It Was All Dead Air

Rudy Giuliani Promised A Live Statement — After Raid, It Was All Dead Air

Rudy Giuliani tweeted Wednesday afternoon after a search warrant was executed on his home and office. He promised a ‘live statement’ on his radio show for the afternoon. Then, without explanation, he skipped it entirely.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

It’s not clear at all whether Giuliani decided on his own that a public statement at this point would be a bad idea, or an attorney advised him to keep quiet, or if the stations airing his program refused to be party to any potential self-incrimination. One way or another, at 3pm, instead of Giuliani’s show, WABC Radio aired reporter Dominic Carter hosting a discussion about the New York Mayoral race.

Though the tweet is now deleted, several social media users caught screenshots in which Giuliani asked his fans and followers to tune in at the WACB Radio website.

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As the hour progressed, the WABC Radio site continued to show Giuliani’s live show on the schedule, and to display a graphic suggesting that the same show was currently airing — yet anyone listening live heard, instead, the aforementioned Dominic Carter broadcast.

[Screenshot via WABC]

As previously reported, Giuliani had been the subject of a raid earlier Wednesday morning. Giuliani has been under investigation for his business dealings in Ukraine, and agents reportedly seized his electronic devices — ironic after he spent much of the 2020 presidential race claiming to have obtained a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, whose father was, at that time, campaigning to replace Donald Trump as President. Giuliani claimed that he recieved this device through a convoluted route, and that it contained files proving criminality.

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