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Rudy Giuliani: Nothing Wrong With Taking Info From Russians

Rudy Giuliani: Nothing Wrong With Taking Info From Russians

Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN this morning to discuss Mitt Romney’s recent criticism of President Donald Trump. Romney recently claimed to be “sickened by the dishonesty and misdirection of the President.”

Giuliani claimed that the Republican Utah Senator and frequent critic of the president was a hypocrite. He also made the bold claim that there was nothing wrong with taking information from a foreign adversary like Russia.

The former NYC Mayor told Jake Tapper:

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“There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians. It depends on where it came from. You’re assuming that the giving of information is a campaign contribution. Read the report carefully. The report says we can’t conclude that because the law is pretty much against that. People get information from this person, that person.”

When asked what he would have advised Trump to do, Giuliani replied, “I wasn’t asked. I would have advised, just out of excess of caution, don’t do it.”

Tapper pressed, “But you’re saying there was nothing wrong with doing that?” And Giuliani persisted, “There’s no crime. We’re going to get into morality? That isn’t want prosecutors look at — morality.”

This is Giuliani’s second curious statement regarding Russia in the last few days. On Friday night, the lawyer said of the initial Trump Tower meeting, “That was a pure set-up, that meeting.” He also hinted that Hillary Clinton may have been involved in the plan.

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