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Rudy Giuliani: Mueller can interview Trump if questions focus only on collusion

Rudy Giuliani: Mueller can interview Trump if questions focus only on collusion

President Trump’s legal team has reportedly submitted a counteroffer to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, in regards to Trump sitting down for an on-the-record interview.  This counteroffer, which it is uncertain if Mueller will consider, asks the special counsel to stay away from questions pertaining to “obstruction of justice”.

Rudy Guiliani – Source: Gage Skimore

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told the Wall Street Journal that “we think the obstruction of it is handled by Article 2 of the Constitution.”  Article 2 refers to the president’s right to hire and/or fire members of his/her administration, as he/she desires.  This, according to the Trump legal team, would mean that the firing of FBI Director James Comey fell in line with the President’s rights, thus an investigation is unwarranted.

It has been eight months since the two sides have begun negotiating over a possible sit-down meeting.  Back in April, Robert Mueller provided the Trump team with a list of questions that he wanted Trump to sit down and answer. These questions consisted mostly of inquiries into the firing of James Comey, and seemed to focus on determining if Trump had obstructed justice.

The Trump legal team says that Trump would, however, be open to answering questions related to possible “collusion” with Russia.

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It has yet to be determined if Mueller takes Trump up on this offer, or if he prefers, instead, to move forward with a subpoena.

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