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Rudy Giuliani Lashes Out After Trump Allies Testify He Gave Drunken Advice On Election Night

Rudy Giuliani Lashes Out After Trump Allies Testify He Gave Drunken Advice On Election Night

As revelations surface in the January 6th hearings, key players in the narrative are lining up to express their outrage and deny allegations. Rudy Giuliani has now joined that chorus, insisting that anyone who testified that he was drunk on election night was lying.

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Jason Miller, who served as a senior advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign, testified before the January 6th Committee about the events of election night. During the second public hearing, some of that testimony was aired, including a portion where he describes the former NYC Mayor as “definitely intoxicated.

According to Miller, advisors all around Trump were suggesting he give a subdued statement about the election status, expressing hope and appreciation, but Giuliani came in, rather drunk, and instead suggested that it would be ‘weak’ to take any position other than a claim of victory.

Giuliani lashed out on social media on Tuesday, decrying the statements made in Monday’s hearngs. He declared that he’d had nothing stronger to drink than Diet Pepsi, and suggested that Jason Miller and former Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien were either being paid to lie about him, or were making things up for revenge because he had yelled at them.


You can see Miller’s testimony below.

He’s also not the only one who thought Rudy was drunk on election night. Former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah appeared on The View to affirm that she was in the White House on election night and had the same impression.

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“I would not want to speak out of turn but I saw Rudy Giuliani in the East Room election night, and I would say he appeared inebriated.”

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