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Rudy Giuliani Is Expected To Testify About Roles Of GOP Legislators In January 6th Attack — Possibly By End Of March

Rudy Giuliani Is Expected To Testify About Roles Of GOP Legislators In January 6th Attack — Possibly By End Of March

While insiders warn that negotiations could still fall apart, the current expectation is that Rudy Giuliani will cooperate with the January 6th Committee and share information about legislators that were in on the plan to overturn the 2020 election, and about the pressure campaign to force Mike Pence to help carry out the plot.

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According to the Guardian, Giuliani’s negotiations to cooperate with the House Select Committee are moving forward, and though there’s no sure thing, it’s expected that he might testify before the end of March. He’s expected to turn over documents, and share information regarding the lead-up to the January 6th attack, although he says he won’t share information that could be covered by attorney-client privilege, as he was serving as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer at the time.

Giuliani himself is understood to have had a significant role in the scheme to prevent Congress from certifying the Electoral Vote, and while his legal representation has assured Congress he’ll cooperate, he has some stipulations. Aside from not sharing anything that he can shield with attorney-client privilege, he also wants acknowledgment that his appearance is not because of the subpoena, which he claims is illegal and unenforceable, despite Steve Bannon currently awaiting trial after an indictment for ignoring the same.

Still, Giuliani has publicly proclaimed that the attack on the Capitol wasn’t by Trump supporters but BLM and “antifa,” so it remains to be seen whether his testimony will actually answer questions about Congress Members’ involvement, or center around finger-pointing.

As recently as last week, Newsweek reports, Giuliani was making appearances on right-wing media to reiterate conspiracy theories about the attack being carried out by government operatives, again trying to divert attention and blame away from Donald Trump, MAGA, and a Trump-supporting mob.

That doesn’t mean he’ll say the same things to a Congressional Committee, but it definitely doesn’t suggest that he’s ready to unburden himself of a lot of January 6th facts, either.

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