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Rudy Giuliani Has Coughing Fit on Fox News While Attacking Joe Biden Over Masks

Rudy Giuliani Has Coughing Fit on Fox News While Attacking Joe Biden Over Masks

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City Mayor who plays lawyer for President Donald Trump on television, had a coughing fit while attacking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s encouragement of wearing masks in an appearance on Fox News Monday night.

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Biden has consistently adorned a face covering since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and has tested negative. Trump, meanwhile, has refused to wear masks and lied about their effectiveness. He and First Lady Melania were diagnosed with the coronavirus last week, forcing the couple to quarantine. Trump spent the weekend at Walter Reed Military Medical Center getting experimental treatments and steroid injections, and although still highly virulent, was released on Monday on his own recognizance.

Giuliani, who served on Trump’s debate preparation team, said that he had gotten a COVID-19 test earlier that day.

“I actually got one about two hours ago,” Giuliani told host Martha McCallum, adding that his first test was negative. “I haven’t gotten the results yet. I went to NYU. I got one of those all the way in the back of the nose tests.”

Every other member of the team has tested positive since being in close quarters with Trump.

Giuliani said that Biden “doesn’t really understand what scientists are” and that “people should listen to their doctors… they know your personal history… doctors really aren’t scientists” (many of them are). “Scientists almost always have competing opinions,” Giuliani claimed. This is also wrong. “That’s what science is about,” Giuliani continued. “Science isn’t a didactic, dogmatic religion. Almost every principle of science, medical science, has conflicting opinions. It isn’t science to be wearing that mask, Joe,” Giuliani, who has no medical or scientific training, incorrectly insisted. “When you’re giving a speech and the only people are 30 or 40 feet away from you, the only people you can infect when you’re doing that is a teleprompter when it’s closer to you. So I see through you. That’s a political statement to scare people wearing that mask. You do not need that mask when you are standing at a podium.”

Here again, Giuliani lied.

Telepromters cannot be infected by a virus because they are not alive. COVID-19 has also been established as transmissible through the air, at distances greater than six feet, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed on Monday, based on new evidence, which is exactly how science is supposed to function.

McCallum asked Giuliani if he thinks Trump’s diagnosis would change the president’s perspective.

“Sure, things like this do you change you,” Giuliani replied. “I think he indicated that, that he’s been educated… I think we have to wait to see the conclusions he has drawn from it. But I know he’s drawn some conclusions from what he’s gone through.”

We did see what Trump internalized from his stint at Walter Reed – nothing. He removed his mask immediately upon returning to the White House while  flushed, profusely sweating, squirming in agony, and wheezing for air.

“I think there’s a balance here to bs struck between wearing a mask and wearing a mask almost to the point of political theatre or maybe even worse than that – fear – an irrational fear. I mean, there’s a lot of irrational fear in our society right now, and the president, by fighting this, is kinda leading the way,” Giuliani insisted. Trump is a “general who leads from the front. He’s not asking people to take risks that he doesn’t take. If you stay back behind the curve in terms of bringing our country and society forward, you really can’t be president. A better job would be a staff member and you follow up. Leaders lead from the front.”

Nevermind the 7.5 million cases and 210,000 deaths. Those are just a fluke, not a failure of leadership of preparedness, using Giuliani’s logic. Then Giuliani went after former President Barack Obama.

“I remember that Obama had the idea that you could lead by following, but the definition of being a follower is being behind,” Giuliani said. “So I mean, it’s ridiculous. They don’t know how to be bold and and go out front,” he continued, before speaking about Trump as if he is some kind of medical martyr.

“That’s what America needs right now. We need somebody who is going get us to realize that we can live with thie risk. We’ve got to be cautious, and we have to have courage,” said Giuliani.

Experts have expressed concern that Trump’s condition may rapidly deteriorate this week as the virus surges through Trump’s high-risk, overweight,  74-year-old body.

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Then came the coughing fit – viral infection status unknown – while not wearing a mask.

“I hope that cough is not anything bad while you are waiting for your test to come back,” McCallum said to Giuliani after the interview. “We hope you will be healthy and well,” to which he replied, “I do too.”

CNN’s latest national polling has Biden crushing Trump by 16 points.

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