Rudy Giuliani Brings Up Deceased Man To Mock Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani does a lot of mocking Joe Biden on social media. However, he usually doesn’t bring deceased people into it. On Monday, he brought up a man who has passed on, whose sister has already expressed discomfort at his name being used, as a means to make fun of Donald Trump’s election opponent.

Rudy Giuliani mocks dead man in attack on Biden
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Giuliani’s tweet was confusing to a lot of Twitter users, prompting questions about exactly who “Corn Pop” might be. In the tweet, Giuliani insinuated that Biden is “hiding” in his basement from a scary person who goes by that name, and that this person might appear at the RNC.


First of all, Giuliani’s claim about what Biden said to ABC David Muir is simply a lie. As can be seen in the interview transcript, what Biden actually said was, “I have left my basement, and in the meantime, 500 million people have watched what I’ve done out of my basement.” He also specifically addressed his campaign activities (and travels).

What about Corn Pop though?

Washington Post reported on the story last year, when Biden told an anecdote about his time working as a lifeguard. Biden’s story is one of de-escalation — he says that when a person known as Corn Pop disobeyed pool rules, he made fun of the man, but then instead of fighting, apologized and admitted this was the wrong way to use his authority.

Washington Post was unable to verify the specific incident, but did contact a Lorraine Bailey, who confirmed that her brother, William Morris, was a real person, who did indeed go by the name ‘Corn Pop,’ and did have interactions with Joe Biden. However, she expressed dismay that he was being used as a joke.

My brother is deceased, why is anyone speaking his name? But everyone called him Corn Pop. And I remember him talking about Joe Biden.

Now, almost a year later, Giuliani is again bringing up the deceased man’s memory, using him as a means to attack the Democratic nominee for president.

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