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Rudy Giuliani Admits He Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine Despite Testing Negative for COVID-19

Rudy Giuliani Admits He Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine Despite Testing Negative for COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine has been repeatedly disproven as an effective defense or treatment for COVID-19. For months, experts have issued warning after warning that taking hydroxychloroquine can cause serious health complications.

But Rudy Giuliani is taking it anyway, the former New York City Mayor admitted to Bloomberg TV on Wednesday.

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Giuliani was last tested for the coronavirus on Monday, after which he had a coughing fit on Fox News. He was not wearing a mask and had not yet received his results.

Giuliani said in Wednesday’s interview that he was “clearing his throat” and that he has another test scheduled for this Friday.

“I am not that nervous about” testing positive, Giuliani declared to host Tom Keene. “I know if it does happen, I know what to take. My doctor has provided hydroxychloroquine, which I’m taking every day now for five days as a prophylactic.”

Giuliani said that he is also taking zinc.

A bewildered Keene asked Giuliani to clarify whether his doctor had prescribed hydroxychloroquine or if the 76-year-old decided to self-administer the “controversial medicine.”

Giuliani claimed that his doctor is a “genius” who has treated “2,500 patients who had this illness, believe it or not,” and that he had only had only lost two.

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Giuliani’s anecdotes are indeed almost impossible to believe, The Daily Beast pointed out.

“While not naming him,” the publication noted, “it appears Giuliani was referring to controversial doctor Vladimir Zelenko, who previously touted his dubious treatment to the White House and has been interviewed and promoted by Giuliani several times.”

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