Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Uploads a Video of Himself Speaking in a Mock Asian Accent

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani accidetally uploaded a video of himself making fun of Asian accents, The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday.

Photo by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The footage was posted to Giuliani’s YouTube page and then was removed, but not before the internet got ahold of it.

In it, Giuliani is seen and heard speaking to staffers during an interview with Sean Spicer, President Donald Trump’s first White House press secretary who once hid in some bushes to avoid talking to the media, for his Common Sense podcast.

Per The Daily Beast:

After a few moments of small talk with an assistant who appears to be Jayne Zirkle, an animated Giuliani started affecting a stereotypical Chinese accent while telling Zirkle that she’s ‘going to be the most famous model in China.’

‘Ah, get me Jayne Zirkle,’ he said while using the accent.

After asking others in the room what they wanted for dinner, Giuliani continued to say Zirkle’s name in the mocking accent. He then started pantomiming a bow while repeating her name, laughing as his team tried to steer him back to talking about the interview. A few seconds later, the video finally cut out.

Watch below:

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