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Rubbed the Wrong Way: Taxpayers Footed $64K For Melania’s Spa Trip

Rubbed the Wrong Way: Taxpayers Footed $64K For Melania’s Spa Trip

More excerpts are emerging from Carol Leonnig’s upcoming bombshell book about the history of the Secret Service. Leonnig spends a significant amount of time on the Trump family and their relationship with their Secret Service detail, including just how much the American taxpayers shelled out for their many personal trips. Leonnig estimates that over the four years the Trumps lived in the White House, the protection given to Donald, Melania, and 13 members of their family added up to roughly $600 million. Trump also extended the protection his family receives for an additional six months after leaving office in January.

Leonnig reveals that Melania Trump was so angry and embarrassed, she refused to be seen in public with her husband when the news regarding his affair with Stormy Daniels first made headlines, and an impromptu trip to Mar-A-Lago for a getaway spa weekend racked up $64,000 in taxpayer costs.

Melania has a body double, some say
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The first several months that Melania Trump refused to move into the White House also cost the Secret Service, and therefore the taxpayers, millions as well. The USSS asked for and received an emergency payment of $28.3 million to secure Trump Tower in New York. Once the move to the White House was complete, the Trumps rarely returned to New York and almost never stayed in the newly secured penthouse, choosing to instead stay at Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster where he could play golf. The price tag for Trump Tower is more than any other president in history.

Sticking others with the bill is a Trump family tradition dating back decades, so it’s unsurprising the tradition continued during the White House years. Jared Kushner’s May 2020 trip to Abu Dhabi cost Secret Service at least $12,950 just for the hotel rooms at the Ritz-Carlton. Jared and Ivanka also took a 10-day ski trip to Salt Lake City immediately after the Biden inauguration, which cost a total of $62,599.39, again just in hotel rooms for Secret Service agents.

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