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Roy Moore Promises To Ram God Down Our Throats If He Wins Election

Roy Moore Promises To Ram God Down Our Throats If He Wins Election

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Accused child molester Roy Moore is promising to deliver some good old Republican values if people in Alabama head to the polls and cast their vote in his favor.

Just 48-hours before citizens in Alabama were set to cast their deciding votes, Moore held an exclusive interview in which he promised to deliver “Alabama values” based on an ideology that “believe(s) in America.”

Moore clearly states during his interview that every Senate vote counts and could determine the future composition of the Supreme Court. He also told his supporters that he plans to stand behind President Donald Trump’s personal agenda for America, an agenda that hugely favors the rich.

Moore appeared on the radio show, Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, broadcasted on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM.

Here’s how Moore explained what he means by bringing “Alabama values” to the rest of America:

“It is a strong faith in God to control the destiny of our country. It is a strong faith in God that controls the morality of individuals. It is the right to keep and bear arms. The right to strengthen our military. We are a very militaristic state … We are very strong in supporting the military, and we have a large National Guard contingent, and Reserves.”

“We believe in America. We believe in what it is founded upon. These are the values that Alabama citizens hold dear, and we are going to keep those values,” he added.

Moore said that two Supreme Court vacancies could occur in the next two years while noting that Senator John McCain’s swing vote killed his parties ObamaCare repeal effort.

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Moore’s rant didn’t end there:

“And the way we have allowed the Supreme Court to usurp the Constitution we’ve got to get back to constitutional construction of the original intent of our founding fathers. If we don’t, if we continue to let liberal judges in there, we will lose our right to keep and bear arms. Our right to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience and our right to privacy. These things are very important to the American people and we are at a critical stage of our history.”

In the meantime, a handful of women have come forward to accuse Moore of pursuing relationships with them while they were underage and he was well into his 30’s.

Welcome to the Red State…

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