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Is Roy Moore Surrounding Himself With Pedophilia Apologists?

Is Roy Moore Surrounding Himself With Pedophilia Apologists?

In a few hours, voters all over Alabama will take to the polls to determine if an accused child molester is a more suitable candidate for the U.S. Senate than a Democratic nominee.

Republican candidate Roy Moore has been accused of pursuing eight different women who were all underage when Moore was well into his 30’s. Another victim claims Moore sexually assaulted her while he was serving as a District Attorney.

Moore claims the women are lying in an attempt to discredit him and hand the Democratic party a much needed Senate seat. Moore’s own history of surrounding himself with pedophilia apologists paints a different picture.

A minister who serves at Theodore church where Roy Moore spoke on Wednesday night was federally convicted of attempting to block an investigation after his son molested several children in Honduras.


Rev. Bill Atkinson was all smiles as he led the music portion of a special event for Moore at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church. Moore spoke at that event for 20 minutes.

Atkinson was found guilty in 2012 of obstruction and conspiracy for ordering two of his children to destroy a hard drive of a digital video recorder. That device held evidence that incriminated his son for child molestation.

The order to destroy the device was given while William James “Will” Atkinson IV was in a Honduras jail awaiting trial on charges that he molested children at an orphanage owned by the Atkinson family.


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After he was found guilty, Atkinson removed any mention of the Central American orphanage form his own biographical pages. Instead, he only noted that four of his children lived in the area and provided musical support for the church.

In the meantime, Moore himself remains under investigation for claims he calls, “false, numerous, and vicious.”

“I do not know any of these women,” Moore said. “I did not engage in sexual misconduct. It’s simply dirty politics. It’s a sign of our times.”

We don’t want to judge someone by the company they keep but it’s pretty hard to ignore in this case.

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