Roy Moore is Suing the Conservative Washington Examiner

At one point, Judge Roy Moore was considered one of the most prominent Conservatives in the country. His attempts to hang the Ten Commandments on the walls of his courtroom made him a hero of the religious right. Moore should have been a shoe-in to win his 2017 Senate race against Democrat Doug Jones.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Jones gained momentum after numerous women accused Moore of sexual assault. The former Judge lost the election and became a pariah within the Republican party and has been slammed by Conservative news sources like the Washington Examiner. Moore, who is running another senate race in 2020 and recently announced he will be suing the Washington Examiner for slander.

The Washington based paper recently featured headlines like, “If Alabamans vote for Roy Moore then they deserve Doug Jones.”

Moore isn’t taking the insults lightly. He is seeking $40 million in damages. He said of the suit, “Like the people of Alabama, I am sick and tired of ‘fake news.’ Unlike some who choose to suffer in silence, I have decided to fight back!”

The former Judge isn’t very popular within his own party anymore and the Examiner isn’t alone in taking shots at him.

After Moore announced he’d be seeking office in 2019, he was ripped by Donald Trump Jr. The President’s son tweeted, “This is pure fake news. I can assure everyone that by running, Roy Moore is going against my father and he’s doing a disservice to all conservatives across the country in the process.”

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