Rosenstein Source Says Mueller Probe Will End By Beginning of March

Early this morning ABC News broke the story that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would soon resign as the second in command at the Department of Justice. Reports indicated that the man who appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel in the Russia probe would stay on until the new attorney general is confirmed by the Senate, likely within the next 1-2 months.

A new report by NBC News has just revealed additional information regarding Rosenstein’s alleged plans.

According to NBC news, a source close to the deputy attorney general has indicated that Mr. Rosenstein intends to stay on until Mueller completes his prosecutorial and investigative work for the special counsel’s office. Additionally, this source provided a very specific timeframe of the ‘beginning of March’ for when that will likely be. According to this same source, Mueller’s report will be be sent to the Justice Department within a few weeks of the probe’s completion.

This claim has been somewhat corroborated by several other ‘legal sources’ speaking to NBC news, who claim that the Mueller probe will conclude by mid-to-late February.

We reached out to the Special Counsel’s office but have yet to hear back. If the claims by these sources do end up being accurate, this would mean that we are only weeks away from a possible conclusion of the 19+ month investigation by the Special Counsel.

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