Rosenstein “Lost Sleep” Over Memo That Trump Ordered Him to Write After Comey Firing

It’s been 21 months since James Comey’s firing. It’s been just under 21 months since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein released a public memo justifying the President’s decision to fire Mr. Comey. Now we get another look at what actually happened behind the scenes.

According to a new book published by James Comey’s former deputy director, Andrew McCabe, called ‘The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump,’ Mr. Rosenstein complained in private that President Trump had ordered him to write the memo. The memo, which would later be used by the president to publicly justify Comey’s firing, was in direct conflict with public statements Trump made, implying that the firing was because of the ‘Russia investigation’.

According to McCabe’s story, Rosenstein said that he had trouble sleeping and could no longer trust anyone he was working with.

“There’s no one here that I can trust,” Rosenstein stated in private, according to McCabe.

The remarks reportedly came on May 12, 2017, just days after Comey was fired. Since then, the President has told multiple different stories as to why the move was actually made, and it appears as if the firing may be a central event that the Mueller team is looking at in determining if there was obstruction of justice committed by Mr. Trump.

McCabe, in his book, also alleges that the president operates like a criminal mob boss, unleashing a “strain of insanity” in America. The book ships on February 19.

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