Ronna McDaniel Once Again Tweets False Info About Biden Tax Cuts

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel famously changed her last name because Donald Trump didn’t like being reminded that Mitt Romney is her uncle. McDaniel, who is currently recovering from a bout of the coronavirus that she most likely caught at the Amy Coney Barrett Rose Garden superspreader event, continues to ironically criticize the Biden family for ‘nepotism’ and has even chosen Trump over her uncle to prove her loyalty.

McDaniel was trending on Twitter on Saturday after once again tweeting lies regarding Joe Biden’s tax plan and the increases he intends to make on the rich. While Biden’s plan clearly indicates that the new taxes are intended for those who make $400,000 a year or more, McDaniel continues to push the unverified statistic that “82% of Americans” are going to see their taxes increase if Biden wins the 2020 Presidential Election.

Twitter quickly tried to educate McDaniel about Joe Biden’s actual tax plan.

But like all members of the GOP who have fully given themselves over to Trump, McDaniel ignores the facts. Her timeline is full of misinformation about the Biden campaign’s plans for America.

The spin comes at the end of another disastrous week for the GOP, where vast criticism for the SCOTUS hearings continued while Trump floundered at a televised Town Hall that drew fewer viewers than Joe Biden’s Town Hall. The floundering GOP is also still pushing false equivalence arguments regarding Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton’s emails in the wake of Joe Biden increasing his lead in the national polls.

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