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Ronna McDaniel Dragged For Poor Logic On Border Security

Ronna McDaniel Dragged For Poor Logic On Border Security

Republicans have a very short list of failproof talking points, that they can turn to no matter what the truth is. The southern border of the United States is one of those. Regardless of facts, they can always twist the border narrative and make it a horror story that white nationalists are guaranteed to gobble up.

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That is to say, if arrests at the border are down, they can claim it’s proof a Democratic Administration is ignoring illegal immigration, and if they’re on the rise, it can be claimed as evidence that under a Democratic President, illegal immigration is booming.

Though the argument works for a chunk of their voter base, it’s not fooling everyone. Here’s Ronna McDaniel, GOP Chair, addressing the flow of illegal drugs across the southern border, and citing the amount of lethal fentanyl seized as evidence that there’s not enough being done.

Of course, statistics on how much drug trafficking was caught tells little about how much was successful in getting through. What it does prove is that the tactics the nation is using to catch and stop the flow of illegal substances successfully caught a pretty hefty amount of fentanyl.

Twitter was quick to point this out to her.

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Of course, these logical responses aren’t changing the views of McDaniel, or anyone who agrees with her regarding the border and the Biden Administration, but it’s at least clear that some people are paying attention, and not letting xenophobic claims go unchallenged.

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